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First Dental Visit

First, our doctor and staff will review health and dental history with you and your child.  During a first visit, parents or guardians are welcomed to come back with a child.  We know how important it is to build a trusting relationship with us, so we hope that first visit with Dr. Choi and her staff will serve as an opportunity to follow our action, and discuss questions or treatment needs.  

In accordance with the recommendation by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we strongly encourage parents and guardians to begin first dental visit when the child reaches 1 years old.  This will enable Dr. Choi to assess a child's oral and diet habits and thus provide crucial intervention measures. (Please visit FAQ page for more information.) 

During the first visit, parents and guardians can expect to see Dr. Choi perform: 1) comprehensive head/neck exam, 2) evaluate health of gums (gingiva) and teeth, 3) orthodontic evaluation of bite and alignment, 4) complete diet analysis, and 5) professional cleaning.  X-ray pictures will be taken only when the need arises.  Finally, any finding will be carefully and thoroughly discussed with parents or guardians.  

We also understand you might have further question after the visit.  We appreciate and encourage your follow-up phone calls or emails for any question you or your child might have.