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Common Dental Emergencies

We recommend that the area of irritation be kept clean by frequently rinsing with warm salt water, and brushing and flossing to remove any trapped debris.  Direct placement of aspirin or any other analgesics should be avoided.  If swelling is seen, apply cold compress such as ice pack.  Take acetominophen for pain according to the direction based on child's weight and age.  Appointment with Dr. Crystal for emergency visit should be completed immediately.

Broken wire or spacer
First, examine to see if the broken portion can easily be removed, then remove it gently if possible. (Do not try to dislodge the spacer or the wire forcefully)   If the wire or the spacer does not appear to be easily removable, then examine to see if the broken portion shows any sharp edges that might irritate the gum or cheek tissue.  If so, cover the sharp edges with cotton ball or gum or wax.  Make an appointment to be seen by Dr. Crystal.  

Bleeding after extraction or exfoliation(Natural falling out of baby teeth)
We recommend that you apply gentle pressure by having the child bite on folded cotton gauze on the extracted or exfoliated area.  Change gauze intermittently as needed.   Sometimes, children tend not to swallow their saliva after a dental procedure, which can result in an appearance of excessive bleeding as a small amount of blood is mixed with saliva.   However, if excessive bleeding is suspected, make an emergency appointment with Dr. Crystal or bring the child to the emergency room.  

Knocked out Permanent Tooth

First, recover the tooth.  The tooth must be handled gently, and held by crown portion only  (Never hold the tooth by the root).  If the root portion of the tooth appears to be contaminated with much debris, very gently rinse the tooth with saline or milk.  Replace the tooth in the socket (make sure the tooth is in the right orientation), and hold the tooth in position with a clean gauze.  Make an immediate appointment to be seen by Dr. Crytal.  Time is of a critical factor in saving the tooth.  
If the tooth cannot be placed back in the socket, place the tooth in saline solution(best if available) or milk (Not Water) in a container.  Child must be seen by Dr. Crystal immediately, and make sure the recovered tooth is brought to the appointment.